Here’s Why Mass Texting Trumps Traditional Marketing

Here’s Why Mass Texting Trumps Traditional Marketing

Mass texting has a better response rate than all your other forms of advertising combined. Pretty bold statement eh? Let’s dig a little deeper. I like to consider TV, Radio, Billboards and Newspapers “birdshot” advertising for the simple fact that it’s kind of like aiming a gun up in the air, pulling the trigger and hoping that your message hits some of your customer. The reality is that for most businesses, that doesn’t work so well. Not everyone may be a customer or potential customer of yours.

Those types are also known as “interruption” forms of advertising. You don’t know who the people are that are being exposed to your ads, you have no personal relationship with them and honestly, you’re just trying to get their attention for a second in hopes that they’ll care enough to stop and listen to what you have to say. If your a business owner, you’ll most likely agree that those forms of marketing aren’t working that well anymore.

So why is text marketing that much greater?

It’s permission based. This means people are volunteering to hear your voice. They care what you have to say and want to hear it.

It’s concentrated. Comparing text marketing to traditional forms of marketing is kind of like comparing a shot of whiskey to a glass of beer. Only the shot of whiskey costs you a lot less than the beer. Your text list may not be nearly as big as the number of people that will see your sign or your ad in the newspaper but ya know what? It packs a lot harder punch. Everyone that gets your message, is a customer of yours and they are wayyyyy more likely to respond to your advertisement than some random person.

It’s virtually instant. With mass text messaging, there’s no waiting for ads to get proofed, printed, scheduled aired. When you click that send button, everyone gets your message within minutes. Think of how powerful this is alone! You can run sales anytime you want! If things are slow at your restaurant during lunch, send a discount coupon to everyone on your list! You’ll be amazed at how many tables you’ll fill up shortly after.

It’s traceable. By offering text specific deals to your customers, not only are you offering them an incentive to sign up, but you’ll also have a much greater idea of how effective your campaigns are!

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