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SMS Marketing Analytics with Slick Text

Text Marketing Analytics.

gain some incredibly useful insight on how your subscribers are responding to your text marketing efforts.

Accessing your analytics dashboard...

To access the analytics dashboard, simply click the "View Analytics" button located on the dashboard. You can also get there by clicking on any of your textwords on the "My Textwords" page.

Text marketing Dashboard

The Analytics Menu...

Once you've landed on the analytics homepage, you'll see a list of all your textwords and the 10 latest campaigns on the left.

Simply click on a textword or a campaign to dive right into the info and stats that we provide for you!

This little menu will always be here so you can quickly jump between different textwords and campaigns.

Text marketing analytics menu

Textword Analytics...

If you click one of your textwords in the menu on the left, you'll see that it will give you some really cool stats. It will display things such as your opt-ins, opt-outs, total subscribers, percentage of opt-outs, the top cities where your subscribers are located and even a little map of the country to give you a visual of that info!

Text marketing textwords

Campaign Analytics...

If you click one of your recently sent campaigns in the menu on the left, you'll see that it will show you some important stats. We'll tell you when the campaign was sent, to how many people, what the message said, how your subscribers reacted to the message and even how many people clicked the links you may have included in the text. You MUST click the shorten and track links button that appears when typing out a link in order to track it!

Text marketing campaigns
Text Marketing Analytics with Slick Text