Why Aren’t All Companies Using SMS Marketing?

Mar 29, 2014 by SlickText.com

SMS marketing has all of the power of getting the customers that you want, yet it is still a form of marketing so many businesses overlook.  It has been around for what feels like forever, and recent studies prove that consumers prefer brand interaction  via their mobile device. So what gives?
There are actually numerous reasons that SMS has been overlooked  all this time –people associate text message with a smartphone these days, it can be hard to get short codes, etc. However, things are finally starting to change and even the big names like McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts are realizing the impact that SMS marketing is bringing.
According to Julie Roth Boack, Vibes Mobile Solutions Senior VP, it is often the fact that users are with smartphones that SMS is forgotten. She says that companies think that with a smartphone the consumer can and will interact with them, without the need to send them a text message on top of that.
Even SMS providers
agree with this information, stating that text marketing is not given the due credit that is deserved. But, it is learning more about SMS marketing that can help you determine why your business is missing out if text marketing isn’t being used.
Marketers must also take the time to understand SMS marketing, how it work and how to do it. You need to have a bit of knowledge to start the SMS program so you’re not in any violation of the law, and you also need to understand keywords, short codes, etc.
Short codes are another challenge of the business owner and the text marketing campaigns. They can certainly be very confusing, and there’s a lot of things that must be known before the setup of the campaign to take place.
It is unlikely that brands will jump on SMS marketing until it becomes easier and less confusing.
Along with the confusion, many businesses are unsure of effective methods of marketing via text message since there is a limited number of characters that can be used, and no media available. However, learning SMS marketing and how it works can make this something far easier. Using SMS has multiple benefits, including the ability to drive more traffic into interaction with your mobile and social media spots.
Furthermore there is a 100% open rate with SMS marketing, and that is not a statistic that very many businesses can brag about.
Dunkin Donut recently sent out a campaign via text marketing to 7,500 people. This campaign offered a 99 cent latte by simply showing the message at the nearest participating location. An amazing 21% increase in foot traffic to the store was noted, and 17% of those people forwarded or shared the messages to others to make the event even more successful.
This is just one example of how SMS marketing works wonders, but it is still true that not all businesses will benefit from it use. However, getting to know more about text message marketing, how it works and how to engage consumer with the marketing will help you better understand if it is right for you, and how to get started.

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