5 Reasons Text Message Marketing takes the Cake for Mass Communication

Feb 19, 2014 by SlickText.com

Thinking about text message marketing for your business’s next marketing campaign? Stop thinking and put yourself into action. Text marketing is the hottest way to promote your business, and so far thousands and thousands of companies around the world have been firsthand recipients of the success of text message marketing. Your business could be the next, but sitting around twiddling thumbs and wishing isn’t going to get anything done.

Text message marketing has a plethora of benefits that cannot be found with just any form of marketing. As more and more businesses discover this for themselves, text marketing continues to rise in users, resulting in happy people. If you still have doubts, set them free now. We’re providing you with 5 of the best reasons that text message marketing helps your business come out on top.

1.     Get more Bang for your Buck

Text message marketing delivers in all areas –including your wallet. Businesses are out to make money and spend minimally. With text marketing you can spend just a little and get back a whole lot. Text marketing is one of the most affordable ways to promote your business.

2.     It is Easy

Could you imagine trying to send out thousands on messages one at a time? Text marketing makes it quick and simple to send your messages, whether you need to reach one person or 100,000 people. It takes just seconds to create a message and send it out to the subscribers on your list. You can target messages for new sign-ups, generate automated thank you messages and schedule delivery times for your messages, so it is versatile and in tune with your business and the offer that you are sending out to the customer.

3.     Customers want it

Keeping customers happy is all a part of the game. If you aren’t doing this then your business is failing and is headed for disaster. Consumers want a worthwhile, trustworthy company they can always count on to give them what they want. When you communicate via text message marketing you are certainly doing this. You can send an abundance of different offers via text messaging, from coupons to promotions, freebies and samples and discounts and more. Customers are twice as likely to use this offer on their phone as they are an offer sent to their email. They prefer text message communication. Give them what they want!

4.     All your Messages can be Delivered

What if you want to target different groups of people with different offers? Many businesses are doing this, as most tailored offers result in more customer happiness. You can easily send out different messages to different recipients with the same ease you will find sending any other message. It is just as quick and ensures that you’re getting your message out loud and clear.

5.     Everyone is Texting

If you take a look at the facts then it is easy to see why text message marketing is so beneficial. First, nearly 85% of all Americans own a cell phone, and just as many carry their phone with them everywhere they go. One in two cell phone users use their text messaging feature at least once per day. And, around 64% of all consumers own a smartphone. The fact that most messages are read within three minutes of them being sent is also wonderful news. Text marketing works because everyone is texting and you can easily reach them in minutes. It could be days before they check their email!


Text message marketing will only continue to grow in the months and years ahead of us. If you are a business owner in need of promotions that works for mass communication, look no further than text marketing to take care of you needs.

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